Top 10 Family Activities in Myrtle beach – Plan A Perfect Vacation?

Posted on Apr 12, 2018 in Activity

Whether you’re on a strict budget or looking to get the most for your money, Myrtle Beach is an excellent choice to spend quality time with your children. The beach is also known as the “Grand Strand.” Thus, you’re guaranteed to have a variety of entertainment points.


The broad sandy beach, combined with the endless fun possibilities, will bring your family closer as everyone in the family has something that attracts them the most. The award-winning entertainment, delicious dining scene, and a spot of local shopping will fill your time regardless of age.


From sightseeing alligators to a round of stand up paddleboard, you can fill out the days without any spare time left. So, why are you waiting? Take a look below to find out about the family activities in South Carolina.

Budget Choice – Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Even though it may seem obvious, not many people know about the main attraction of the beach. If you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid certain activities. Since it’s white-sand, you can easily walk across the 60-miles long beach.


One of the main features of this beach is the fact that it’s incredibly safe for the little ones. Therefore, you can leave them out of sight for a short while. To ensure that they have the most fun, you can help them to:

  • Fly a kite
  • Go on a shell search adventure
  • Play with the Frisbee
  • Let them enjoy the warm water

As you can see, these are activities that you don’t have to pay to enjoy. You can bring different accessories to the beach.


If you’re someone that likes to spend their energy doing something rather than lounging, you will love this beach. The reason for this is because Myrtle Beach will offer you the option to get involved in a range of activities such as:

  • Scuba diving – It requires skill, but if your stay is long enough, you can take a few classes to learn the basics and scuba dive accompanied by an instructor for added safety. The sceneries you get to enjoy are unlike anything else you have experienced as you actually get to swim with fish and explore the underwater world.
  • Stand up paddleboard – Whether you want to surf for the adrenaline rush that comes with this sport or just paddle recreationally to have some lighthearted fun, as long as you have your board with you there’s no chance of getting bored. The paddleboard size analysis from Popular.Reviews or can help you figure out what activities your inflatable board is actually intended for so that you enjoy yourself to the fullest and not fall off repeatedly by trying to do yoga on a narrow board that is actually designed for racing. As long as you stay within the board’s limits when it comes to how you use it, you are sure to have the time of your life!
  • Surfing – A sport that really engages your core and abdominal muscles to maintain stability and maneuver the board as needed to ride the waves, surfing is one of the most exciting activities you can take up here if the water allows it. If the waves are tame, however, you can still surf, but on a paddleboard as SUP surf doesn’t require the same conditions as surfing on a traditional board does.
  • Fishing – A pastime hobby of many people, fishing is one of the more relaxing activities you can opt for while in Myrtle. Regardless if you catch fish or not, what is a certainty is that you will enjoy yourself as you get to spend time admiring the scenery, breathing in the clean air, and meditating in complete silence to get away from your day-to-day problems.
  • Windsurfing – An activity better suited for adventurous folk, windsurfing is a sport that many try at least once when they hit Myrtle beach as the water is perfect for practicing it. Even if you are a first-timer, you shouldn’t be discouraged as it is practiced under safe conditions.

Of course, if you’re not so good, you can get help from professionals. At a low price, you can learn how to master a water sport.

Cost-friendly Choice – Ripley’s Aquarium

Have you ever wanted to see a shark right above you without worrying about your safety? If so, the Aquarium is the only safe place that will offer you such an experience. The 750,000 gallons tunnel will allow you to see a range of fishes from up close without hurting the animals or putting you or your family at risk.


Depending on when you go, this place will offer you a wide range of activities, regardless of age. If you have teenagers in the family, you can take them along to mermaid shows, swimming with the rays, penguin exhibitions, boat adventures with glass bottoms. Whereas, the children can look out for:

  • Jellyfish
  • Slime arena
  • Shark spotting

Furthermore, you can also allow your children to learn about the environment as there are different marine educations hours and dive shows.


If you’re courageous or if you want to teach your family of the outdoor wonders, you have the option to opt for camping overnight. Furthermore, if you’re going to take it a step further, you can also choose to dive with the sharks. If you want to take part in the adventure, don’t forget to book your tickets.

Budget Choice – Brookgreen Gardens

If you’re in love with the outdoors, the magical garden is an incredible attraction. When you walk across the path, you will be able to see exciting sculptures and decorated grounds that combine art with nature in a unique way.


The property has around 9,127-acres, which means that you will be able to spend many hours inside of the garden. You have to purchase tickets for events and activities; however, the garden is available to be visited without paying anything.


This garden must be on your list as it’s the only accredited zoo on the coastline of the Carolinas. There is always something to do. You can take the family to the butterfly house, on a boat ride, or through the magical forest. After all, walking is one of the best exercises that you can do.

Cost-friendly Choice – Myrtle Waves

Sure, being at the beach is fun, and a must-have, however, this beach is home to the largest water park in South Carolina. There are over 1 million gallons of water that flow through the 20 acres. You and your family will be able to enjoy chutes, slides, and rafts.

If you want something more, you can take advantage of the scariest slides such as:

  • Night Flight
  • Turbo Twisters
  • King Cobra

Nonetheless, if you have a young child, numerous tamer slides will not scare the child but rather give them the time of their life.

Budget Choice – Aligator Adventures

No amount of money is too much money when it comes to the child’s early education stage. However, if you want to combine fun with education, the Alligator Adventure is the right choice for you. This place will showcase around 1,000 alligators. In addition to this, it’s also home to many other animals.


This place is the home of animals such as wolves, kangaroos, lemurs, and reptiles such as snakes. Of course, there are many more that you can see. Take your family to the live animal shows as they’re interactive and educational. Thus, no one will get bored with being there. If you dare, you can even touch the animals.

Cost-friendly Choice – WonderWorks

Is your family fond of science? Look no further. You can bring out your inner scientist with the help of this place. Looking like a scene taken from Las Vegas, this place combines science with the future, while being available at an affordable price.


The upside-down building is the main attraction. However, don’t be fooled. There’s much more to the building than being upside-down. When you arrive, you will enter a world of arcade games, experiments, and adventures.


This place will turn out to be one of the family’s favorite places. Each level will teach you something new and exciting about life itself. Thus, even though you pay to enter, you will come out with further information.

Budget Choice – Pirates Voyage Show

When you’re on a budget, it’s apparent that you want to get the most for your money. By going to this show, you will be able to eat while having a live show with pirates. Your children will be mesmerized by everything that is going on. Even better, if your child is a picky eater, they will forget about their preferences and be encouraged to eat.


As soon as the show begins, you will be able to see the pirated doing a range of acrobatic tricks. This show includes tumbling, back handsprings, and tucking. This activity is the right show for everyone, regardless of age.


The 90-minutes show has different light shows, special effects, and juggling. Enjoy this while you are sitting down to eat the four-course meal.

Cost-friendly Choice – Family Kingdom Amusement Park

This amusement park will offer the whole family a range of games and rides. Best of all, this is a pay-per-ride option. Therefore, you will not feel like you’ve wasted your money. On the other hand, if you believe that your family will enjoy all of the rides, it’s best to get a wristband which is available for the whole day. If this is your first time, you have the option to stroll through the park and soak up the scenery and go on a few rides if you wish to do so.


Inside of the amusement park, there’s also the Slashes Water Park. The park will encourage you to take a range of activities such as go-karting, ride bumper cars, and take-on the carousel. Furthermore, there’s also the thrill rides such as the roller coasters, Drop Zone, and the lazy river.

Budget Choice – SkyWheel

If you’re scared to go on the wheel, you have the option to take unforgettable pictures near it. However, this wheel is guaranteed to be safe. It has 42 gondolas, and each one will fit up to 6 people. The 10-minute ride is inexpensive, and you have the option to take incredible pictures of Myrtle Beach.


In case you want to spend a little further, you also have the option to book a VIP experience. The 20-minute ride will make this an incredible experience. The gondola has a glass-floor, which means that you can take in the views from any angle.


Nonetheless, you can visit it at nighttime. The one million LED lights will ensure that this is a wheel that you’ve never seen before.

Free for All – Savannah’s Playground

If you have little children, some of the attractions above can be overwhelming for them. Thus, you can take them to the playground. This area is ADA-approved, which means that it’s not only safe, but it will also guarantee a day filled with fun activities.


The interactive playground has a picnic area, which means that you can watch out for the child while also enjoy time with your partner. Also, there are challenging ziplining, ropes, and playgrounds to encourage the child to come out of their comfort zone.