Family Love Quotes

Posted on Nov 3, 2013 in Family Quotes

The biggest advantage of being part of a family is that you are surrounded by unconditional love. Indeed, love is the chain which unites all the members of a family and while that chain may at times stretch, it will never break. However, although we are all aware of the importance of family bonds, our busy and stressful lifestyles sometimes make us take for granted the most beautiful proofs of love. Family love quotes are a great tool for constantly reminding ourselves how lucky we are to be part of a loving family.

  • The bond that keeps a family together is not made of blood but out of love and respect

This is one of the deepest family love quotes. It teaches us that love and respect are the only things that hold together a family. Your family members are perhaps the types of people whom you would never befriend or even make acquaintance with, had God not included them in your life. However, as stubborn and nosy as these people may be, you can’t help but love and respect them for all the things they do for you.

  • A good family life is not created out of luck. It is an achievement of the people who share it

A lot of  family quotes say that a family is god’s gift to us. However, although we receive this gift, we don’t always treasure it. In order to have a good family life, all the members of the family must be invested in a common goal of loving and supporting each other. The love part may come naturally but the sacrifices and the support take more effort. However, these are the things that make a family stronger.

  • The family love is the foundation of civilization

This is one of the most unusual family love quotes yet it holds a deep meaning. If all the people in the world were on their own, our society would be a lot different. People would be selfish, uninvolved and ill-intentioned. We wouldn’t learn to love and we wouldn’t learn the joy of doing something for the people we love. Being a part of a family teaches us to be kind, grateful and hopeful. People who come from happy families are usually socially involved and they believe in a bright future. The love that we share with our families ends up being spread into the whole world. Therefore, we can all agree on the fact that the family is the nucleus of our society.