Family Tattoo Quotes

Posted on Dec 5, 2013 in Family Quotes

Getting a tattoo is a big step which can turn into a huge mistake if you aren’t careful. The problem with today’s generation is that people focus too much on the way a tattoo looks rather than focusing on its meaning. There are countless people who tattoo Chinese symbols without even knowing what those symbols stand for. However, there are still some people who get meaningful tattoos such as inspiring quotes. If you constantly want to be reminded of how lucky you are to have a happy family, we have gathered some ideas for family tattoo quotes. If you choose any of the family tattoo presented below, we advise you to pick a nice and decent location for them. Nobody will care about the meaning of a tattoo if you make it on your lower back and you display it while wearing a tight tank top. Furthermore that also beats the purpose of seeing the tattoo all the time. At the end of the article we will also include some appropriate body parts which you can tattoo with family quotes.

  • The parents are the wings that make a child fly

This is one of the most beautiful family tattoo quotes and it is even more meaningful if it is accompanied by a picture of the parents, each one holding one of the child’s hands while lifting him/her into the air. The meaning of this quote is that good parents will always inspire a child and encourage him to aspire for greater things, no matter how impossible they seem at first.

  • A lot of things may change but we start and end with family

This quote is as beautiful as it is simple. We are born into a family. As we grow older we may lose some of our family members but we are also gaining new members. Furthermore, the connections which bond us with our family members will never break, no matter what life throws in our way.

  • A family is a link to our past but also a bridge to our future

The best thing about a family is that it is one of the few things in our lives which is constant. No matter what we do, where we go or how we change, a family will always be there for us. It will be there to remind us where we came from and to encourage us to always be better.

  • Appropriate places for family tattoo quotes

There are many body parts which are appropriate for family tattoos such as the arms, the biceps, the shoulder, the upper part of the back, the back of the neck, the wrist and so on. If you want your tattoo to be even more special, you can also combine it with a beautiful drawing or symbol. For women, a very interesting choice is the Celtic symbol for mother and child