How to Invest More Time in a Relationship

Posted on Jan 5, 2014 in Marriage

With the busy schedules of today and endless to do lists, spending quality time with your partner of spouse is becoming more and more difficult. If you want to have a healthy and happy marriage, you must learn how to invest more time in a relationship. This can be hard, considering the fact that a successful career, wealth and material possessions are promoted as the only ingredients of a happy life.

In order to better understand how to invest more time in a relationship and why it is important, we must take a look at the latest research. New studies reveal the fact that approximately 95 percent of parents believe that true happiness lies in spending more quality time with their family. According to the pre and post parenthood tests, mothers and fathers are passing posh clothes, sport cars and jewelry in favor of the ultimate luxury: family time. In marriage, quality time is nonnegotiable, as spending time with one another proves how much you value the relationship.

Quality time spent together is an essential part to a successful marriage, but sometimes life happens and you can easily become overwhelmed by your day. Even if you have to juggle between jobs, time spent with children and other commitments, you can’t just do nothing and expect your relationship to become something you want it to be without putting some effort and time into it. Saying that you cannot go out on a date because you have to vacuum, stay with the kids or do the laundry are just excuses. You can invest in more appliances that will save you time, you can read about the top dishwashers and from now on, you won’t have to stay in the kitchen after dinner to do the dishes, you’ll be able to spend that time with your loved one. If you study the website, you will see for yourself that there are countless models of appliances out there, and you can even get an integrated dishwasher that will match your kitchen furniture. If you crave more quality time for you and your partner of spouse, follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Stop making excuses. All the obstacles between you and spending some quality time with your spouse are just cleverly hidden excuses. No matter how busy you are, you can find a couple of hours each week to go out to a restaurant and have a romantic dinner.
  • Realize the risks. If you continue to postpone spending time with your better half, the relationship will grow cold and deteriorate. In order to create a bond, intimacy is required and in order to create intimacy, you have to spend time with another person. Ask yourself if all the excuses and late working hours are really necessary or are they just excuses to avoid intimacy and getting in contact with your real feelings.
  • Just do it. Nobody knows how to invest more time in a relationship, so talk to your spouse and figure it out together. Once you agree upon a time, show up no matter what comes your way.
  • Good habits make a great marriage. In order to make sure the relationship stays strong, establish some regular dates with your partner.
  • Fight for your time. Make sure you don’t let any distractions come between you and your loved one’s quality time.