How to Plan a Wedding Anniversary

Posted on Oct 16, 2014 in Marriage

Wedding anniversaries have different meanings to all couples. Some people don’t celebrate them at all, others prefer to celebrate them in privacy and some like big wedding-like celebrations. Regardless of how big of a deal you want your wedding anniversary to be, you should consider a few aspects before you start planning anything.

1. Plan according to the importance of the anniversary

Some people might say that all wedding anniversary are special. However, inviting 200 people to a 5 year wedding anniversary is a little extreme and quite tacky for that matter. Generally, you should only invite a lot of people for the 25 year, the 50 year and the 75 year anniversary. The once-every-ten-years anniversaries should be celebrated with the family and a few friends and the common annual anniversaries should be celebrated privately by the couple.

2. Decorate according

If you are celebrating your silver or your gold wedding anniversary, feel free to plan it as fancy as you want. Some people treat these anniversaries like actual weddings, with the bride wearing a classic wedding dress, with a vow renewal ceremony, wedding favors and all the classic details of a normal wedding. If you are planning such a wedding, you can find more inspiration on wedding planning websites.

3. Delegate

Whether you are planning a big fancy anniversary or a smaller celebration, make sure not to exhaust yourself with the plans. Keep in mind that this is not the actual wedding. You should not be as nervous or as stresses as you were at the wedding. Therefore, feel free to delegate some tasks to your fiends and family. However, keep in mind that, just like it was with the wedding, the spiritual purpose of the anniversary is more important than its social status. Therefore, be relaxed and try to enjoy this moment with your loved one.

4. Romance

Whether you are planning a big or a small anniversary, romance is an important element of such an event. It is easier to plan romantic gestures when you are celebrating this moment privately. Candlelight dinners, romantic music and exotic escapades are just a few of the ways in which you can show your love for the partner. However, when it comes to big parties, declaring your love to your spouse becomes a more challenging mission. You may have to turn into a poet overnight or plan big romantic gestures. No matter what you do, make sure that your gesture is sincere and shows your true feelings for your spouse.

5. Symbols

Wedding anniversary symbols can be very inspiring when planning a wedding anniversary. For example, the first year anniversary is also called the paper anniversary. The symbol of the event is actually a sort of theme. This means that the spouses must give each other paper related gifts or use paper as a decorative element. For example, you can give your spouse some tickets for a romantic getaway (tickets are made of paper, so it totally counts as a symbolic gift) or you can turn your bedroom into a romantic, fantasy scenario by decorating it with hundreds of paper butterflies. Just make sure not to combine candles with paper decorations cause that idea might end with a disaster.