Latest Robotic Pool Cleaner Features and Tech Worth Checking Out

Posted on Apr 27, 2021 in Featured

For the modern man, pool cleaning has become more of a leisurely activity than before. Brushing stubborn dirt, vacuuming every pebble, skimming every leaf. All things of the past thanks to new technology and continuous updates. And with Wi-Fi-operated gadgets, it really is just a matter of a couple of clicks.

Features that make a new pool cleaner a worthy purchase

Although you might already have what was once the best robotic pool cleaner, they just keep getting better. Here are 6 reasons to consider making an upgrade:

Mapping tools

Newer robots have the ability to scan the entire pool – floor and walls – and make a specific path to ensure that every square foot is cleaned. They also have sensors for purposes such as:

  • avoiding a turn or a corner that might get the robot stuck
  • avoiding exiting the water when cleaning in the shallow end

Easy reach

If you go for a 4-wheel drive robot, with rubber tires, it will effortlessly glide over any surface or spot that might pose a problem for an older model. It climbs the sides, scrubs the waterline, jumps over bumps, and brushes down the stairs too!


If before swiveling technology was a novelty for cords, now no cord is the novelty. New models have rechargeable batteries that fill up in 3-4 hours, and even better, if you forget to charge it you don’t have to worry about going fishing for your robot in the deep end. Smart docking sends it to the shallow water where it is ready to be picked up and charged.

Double filtration

The lastest filter models filter from the smallest particles to leaves, twigs, and any other inconvenient object on the pool floor. The debris collecting bags filter water down to 2 microns and are also easily accessible when opening the compartment on top of the robot. Just hose them down for quick cleaning.

Programmable and Wi-Fi operated

The best new feature has to be the Wi-Fi connection. You can control how it cleans, when it cleans, see the live cleaning status, and even call your robot back to you.

Now all you need to do is time your cleaning helper and let it do the rest. Set the appropriate cleaning cycle for your surface and come back in 2 hours, or less, to your impeccable pool. With operating costs of only $0.05/hour, it makes for a very energy-efficient tool. So why bother getting your hands dirty?

Don’t forget to clean the cleaner

Because nothing is ever 100% effort-free, even with this magic tool there are some steps you need to take to make sure it will work as your little helper for as long as possible.

  • Once it has completed its full cleaning cycle you must remove it from the water. Although it is designed to work in water, keeping it in longer than necessary means raising the risk of damaging its motor.
  • Drain every bit of water from it according to the instructions manual in order to make the next step easier.
  • Wash the robot. Wash the brushes, the filters, the wheels, and every other accessible or removable part.
  • While cleaning, assess the overall look. If the brushes look worn and torn, change them. Keeping used brushes on for longer than necessary means that your robot won’t be able to properly clean the pool next time.
  • Store it in a dry and cool place. Like with most electronic devices, keep your cleaning robot away from direct sunlight.

*In case the robot ever gets stuck, the first things to check are the brushes and the places where dirt might have gotten stuck, restricting the robot’s movements.

New cleaning robot, new me

Just like with New Year’s Resolutions: if anything makes your life easier, why not do it?

Although professional cleaning services were once all the rage, now you don’t have to stress at the thought of letting someone into your home and having to supervise them during the whole cleaning process. Thanks to modern-day advancements you can privately sunbathe and clean your pool at the same time. All you have to do is make a few phone clicks.