Positive Parenting Solutions Which Encourage Cooperation

Posted on Aug 20, 2016 in Parenting

Unfortunately when a child is born, it doesn’t come with an instructions manual. Parenting isn’t something which we can learn from books. Furthermore, there is no schedule from being a parent. It is something that you must do constantly and in most cases you must learn on your own. However, there are certain parenting rules, tips and strategies which can inspire you to be a better parent. It is important to understand that all of your actions and words have a deep impact on a child. Today we are going to talk about some positive parenting solutions

  • Connecting with your child

In order to be able to make your child cooperate you have to eliminate the power struggle. The best way to do this is to create a connection with a child. In order to apply positive parenting solutions, you need to show that you understand the things that he is excited about. For example if he wants to stay at the playing ground until night falls but you have to leave in a few minutes you must give your child the illusion of a compromise. Tell him that you absolutely must leave in 5 minutes but you see how much fun he is having so you will let him play for 10 more minutes. Between adults, 5 minutes is not a real compromise but to a child it will mean a lot. He will understand that you are making a sacrifice so that he can play a little bit more and he will be a lot more cooperative. By using this strategy, you are connecting with him and you are turning a power fight into cooperation. You may have to apply the same tactic when the problem in question is in the child’s own interest, but they just can’t understand it because of their young age. The incubation period for strep throat is some three days for example, and if you suffer from this affliction, you may want to keep the children away for a while to make sure they won’t contract it. It can be difficult to explain to them why the incubation period for strep throat lasts a few days and that it’s better for them to avoid contact with you, but doing so with patience and understanding will keep you on the right track.

  • Cooperation vs threats and bribes

Treats and bribes are negative parenting solutions. Instead of using such words you should try phrases which invite cooperation. For example if your child is hitting your pet dog, you shouldn’t just tell him to behave or else he will be punished. Instead you could try some positive parenting solutions which subtlety invite the child to cooperate. Tell him that he is hurting the dog and making him sad and the dog would like him a lot more if he pets it. Here are some useful cooperation phrases: How can we solve this together? Can you show me a different way to do that? Can you tell me more about your ideas? The last time we did that things didn’t go very well; shall we try to do this differently now? What if we did this in a different way? Would you like a helping hand?