Quotes About Family Strength

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 in Family Quotes

Most of us, who are surrounded by happy families, tend to take them for granted and we don’t ever realize how lucky we are. A strong and happy family is the best support system that a person can hope for. But what are the things which make a family strong and united? Check out the following quotes about family strength in order to learn what you can do to keep your family united.

  • Family traditions prevent alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are and they provide something reliable in a confusing and ever changing world.

This is one of the most inspiring quotes about family strength and it teaches us how we can benefit from this strength. Celebrating holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are great traditions which unite the whole family. It is important to keep this traditions but we should also make new ones by celebrating the special moments in our lives. Keeping these traditions helps us remember who we are and what we hope to be.

  • A family is like an army and its strength comes from being loyal to each other

The power of a happy family is infinite. As long as the members of a family respect and love each other, they can overcome any obstacle. Family loyalty means never giving up on your loved ones and constantly making an effort in order to keep them in your life. There’s a reason why God wanted your family members to be in your life and you should hold on to them and enjoy every moment spent with them.

  • A family is like a canoe. It makes no progress unless everyone paddles

In order for a family to evolve, all its members must fight for a common goal. In order to achieve the common goal, the family members must help and support each other in order to achieve their individual goals. Only by helping each other and working together can the family stay united and move forward to a brighter future.

  • A family is like a sanctuary. You turn to it for love and support and you take comfort in knowing that no matter which path you will choose, the family will always stand behind you.

There are many great lessons that we can learn from quotes about family strength. This particular quote teaches us that a having a family is a great way of maintaining our inner piece in a loud and confusing world. Whenever we feel lost and helpless, we can turn to our family in order to receive unconditional love and support. It is like our own temple, powered by the love of the family members.