The Effects of Bad Parenting on Children

Posted on Oct 15, 2016 in Parenting

Parenthood is one of the most challenging missions for all people. All children have different personalities and they need to be approached differently. Furthermore, the challenges that parents have to deal with also differ from one situation to another. It is important to understand that all of the actions of the parents have an impact on the children’s behaviors. Bad parenting can cause a lot of problems such as academic challenges, delinquency, depression and so on. Lets see what are the most common parenting mistakes and what impact they have on the children.

  • What is bad parenting

There are four main types of parenting and only one of them is positive. Authoritarian parents are the ones which impose strict rules and have very high expectations of their children. These parents don’t usually value the opinion of their children and don’t really try to understand their hopes, dreams or even needs. Permissive and uninvolved parents are quite similar, the only difference between them being the parental intention. For example permissive parents spoil their children out of too much love or in order to avoid drama. Uninvolved parents usually neglect their children and allow them to do however they please. Authoritative parenting is the only good type of parenting because the parents are firm yet sensitive towards their children’s discipline and needs.

  • How can bad parenting affect the children

The first result of bad parenting is a poor or nonexistent emotional connection between the parents and the children. Whether the parents are too strict and they think too little of the children’s opinion or they simply don’t care, poor parenting will eventually lead to a rupture between the parents and the children. When children feel ignored or trapped, they tend to do a lot of bad things in order to rebel or get attention. They often know that they are doing bad things but they do them in order to send a message to the parents. Another way in which parents can negatively influence the children is when they don’t show their love and support. Children are usually insecure and they need a lot of support, motivation and proofs of love.

  • How to avoid bad parenting

It is very unlikely for uninvolved parents to read such an article but in case some do, we hope that this will be a wake up signal for them. The following tips should be taken into account by all types of parents. In order to establish a connection with your children you need to talk openly with them and involve yourselves in their activities (when they want you to get involved). You must also understand that you cannot raise your child the same way that you are raised. The world is constantly changing and you need to adapt to change in order to raise your child properly. Some might argue that the world is changing in a bad way but wasn’t this the exact mentality of your parents? Whether or not the new generation is smarter or more rebellious, good parents need to understand it in order to know how to raise their children. Furthermore, when you apply punishments you are teaching a lesson but that doesn’t mean that your child is actually understanding and agreeing with that lesson. Try to use positive disciplinary solutions instead of punishments in order to make sure that your child understands his/her mistakes and doesn’t want to make them again.