The Effects of Hard Water on Hair and Skin

Posted on Jun 8, 2014 in Health

There have been many concerns regarding the dangers that could seriously affect children, especially those that are still very young and in a growing process. Parents need to focus on the issues that could affect the well-being of their children and discover the proper solutions for them. You might find it hard to believe this, but even plain water can pose a threat to your children. Of course not just any water can cause damage, but most tap water from across the world is contaminated. Hard water is particularly troublesome. If the term is unknown to you, then perhaps the following details might be of some help. Hard water is actually water with an increased concentration of minerals. Limestone, chalk and dolomite are calcium and magnesium deposits found in water causing it to be known as hard water. The solution for all these problems is the installment of whole house water filter systems.

How can hard water affect your well being?

The problem is that hard water affects children and adults alike. To be more precise, hard water affects the hair and skin. Here is what can happen of a result of constant use of this type of water. Dry skin and dry hair are the most common problems associated with hard water. You might think that the proper shampoo can easily take care of one problem, but what can you do about dry skin? Adults may find plenty of results, but a five year old child certainly won’t. Furthermore, if dry skin were the only problem, things might not be all that serious. However, dry skin is only the beginning, because when left untreated, this could cause serious skin irritations. This is not something you would want to happen to your child. The problem only gets deeper, because, if you continue using hard water, things could even get more complicated. Children have sensitive skin, so a long use of hard water could eventually lead to what is known as Psoriasis, as well as a range of other eczemas. Children find it hard to handle pain, so you will certainly have a difficult time explaining your child why the skin is irritated, why it itches or burns. Unfortunately, the list of problems caused by hard water is not yet over.

Everyone knows that mothers have to wash the clothes of their children rather frequently to make sure that their skin is adequately taken care of. However, using hard water in this process will make it harder to get rid of soap or detergents, fabrics still being impregnated with these substances. As you might already be aware of, soap and detergent could also affect your skin. This is yet an indirect manner in which this type of water might affect your skin, however, it is best to consider it appropriately. Luckily, there is a solution. All parents have to do to keep their children away from such problems is investing in professional, effective whole house water filter systems. By means of these systems, hard water will no longer find a place in your home, being properly eliminated. Nevertheless, keep in mind that in order to soften hard water, a water filter must also be equipped with a water softener, which is not a given for all whole house systems. To see which whole house water filter systems come with complementary water softeners, take a look at the filter reviews featured on, as these reviews will highlight which systems come with softeners, but also which systems are more efficient against different types of water contaminants.

Sadly tap water is not as clean and as healthy as it used to be and it is your job as a parent to make sure that your child only comes in contact with clean, healthy water. Being responsible means looking in the tiniest of details and this is the only way to raise a healthy child in a society that is full of threats.