Types of Parental Control

Posted on Oct 23, 2013 in Parenting

Today’s society is defined by unlimited access to information. However, when you are raising a child, that information comes with a price. The influence that the TV, the internet and the video games have on your child can affect his/her development. Parental control is a tool which allows your to filter the information that your child comes in contact with. Although you cannot control (and after a certain point you shouldn’t even try) all the aspects of your child’s life, at an early age, it is advised that you try to filter the information that your child comes in contact with. This way, you will be able to nurture his personality according to your own moral values.

  • Types of parental control

Information filters can be included in several technologies that your child uses such as the TV, the personal computer, the cellphone and so on. There are four main types of control: content filters, computer usage management tools, monitoring and usage control. Content filters allow you to limit the age inappropriate information. Usage controls is very useful for children who are spending a lot of time on electronic devices as you can use a special software to limit the access to these devices. The computer usage management tools forces devices to use only certain software. Last but not least, monitoring software can track location and activity. The last tool is very useful when raising teenagers because it allows the parents to track the location of their children. However, it is important to set some boundaries when using monitoring software. You don’t have to tell your child that you are using this software but you shouldn’t use it to spy on the children either. Use it only in case of emergencies like when your child is attending his/her first party or when he/she is going on a road trip. But checking up on your children’s every movement, even online, will make them feel like they have no privacy and no right to individuality in your home; so instead of using you power just to find out they were searching for the best cars of 2014, just pay more attention to them and try to communicate. Be open about almost any kind of subject, or at least be patient with their lack of knowledge; find or develop common interests, whether they’re about the best cars of 2014 or video games, but as long as it is something that opens up discussion, you all will have a lot to gain.

  • The best parental control software

In most cases, your internet provider will offer a control tool for people who have children. There are also software that you can buy or download for free. They are very versatile and they satisfy different needs. For example Cold Turkey is a free software which allows you to block the access to specific websites for certain time periods. It is very useful for children who spend a lot of time on certain websites such as social media platforms or other entertaining websites. Other trusted free control software are: Norton family, DNS Angel, Bitdefender Parental Control Free, KuruPira Web Filter, FortiClient, Windows Live Family safety and Qustodio. As far as cell phone control goes, the best software to use are: Phone Sheriff, mSpy, Mobile Spy, My Mobile Watchdog, MobiStealth and StealthGenie.