Understanding Parenting Styles

Posted on Jun 9, 2014 in Parenting

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world. The most challenging part about parenting is combining unconditional love with authority. This major dilemma was used in order to classify parenting styles into 4 major categories: authoritarian, permissive, authoritative and hands off or uninvolved. A good parent must try to understand each parenting style. Understanding these styles will help you raise your children properly, even if you and your spouse have different parenting approaches.

  • Authoritarian parenting

This is a very strict parenting style in which the parents set the rules which the children have to fallow, no questions asked. It is based on the concept that parents always know what is better for their children. The people who use this parenting style often find themselves giving “because I said so” responses. The problem with this parenting style is that it limits the parent-child communication. Furthermore, this style can also affect the emotional development of the children who often have to struggle in order to accomplish the high expectations of their parents, regardless of their own desires.

  • Permissive parenting

The permissive style is the exact opposite of the authoritarian style. The people who use this style have very little expectation of their children, they rarely apply punishments and they often allow their children to do whatever they want. This style is based on a desire to avoid confrontation and responsibility. It is a very immature parenting style which can have severe consequences in the children’s future development.

  • Authoritative parenting

The authoritarian style is the most balanced of all parenting styles. Just like the authoritarian parents,the authoritative parents establish some ground rules and guidelines for their children. However, they are more sensitive to their children’s needs and desires. This type of parents are always looking to have opened discussion with the children in order to get to know them and find constructive ways of encouraging them and making them happy. They don’t use punishments but they do use supportive disciplinary methods and positive parenting solutions.

  • The hands off parenting

The hands off or uninvolved parenting style is somehow similar to the permissive parenting styles. They have few expectations of their children and impose very little rules. However, they purpose is not to spoil the children but rather to detach their children’s life from their own. The children who are raised by such parents are often neglected or rejected. Uninvolved parents don’t mean to neglect their children but they have a very poor understanding of their children’s needs.

  • How to mix parenting styles

As a child grows, the parents naturally mix their parenting styles. Things are a little more complicated in blended families where the parents have to learn how to mix their different styles. In such situations there is very little room for adjustment, especially when dealing with teenagers. Opened discussion between the spouses are encouraged in order to agree on the best ways to discipline the children. However, the disagreements between different parenting types must never take place in front of the children. Counseling can be very useful in order for the parents to understand the best way to approach parenthood and learn how to use positive parenting solutions.

In order to raise your child well, you must always try to perfect your parenting style. If you want to discover more parenting tips, visit http://usmcfamilies.org. On that website, you will find tips that will help you bond with your child, educate them properly and protect them as much as you can. However, you should always remember that nobody is perfect, not your child and certainly not you. therefore, leave room for mistakes and don’t judge your child or yourself too harsh if things don’t always turn out the way you planned them.