Friends and Family Quotes

Posted on Dec 12, 2013 in Family Quotes

The human connections that we build and which make us happy are our most prized possessions, whether they are friends or family. In some cases, our friends are so special that they become part of our world and they integrate our families. The importance that family and friends have in our lives is undeniable and we should always be thankful for these people. In this article, we have included some beautiful friends and family quotes which we hope will inspire you to tell these special people in your life just how much you value them. These quotes are a great medicine for a wounded soul. Whenever you feel scared, hurt or alone, remember that your friends and family will always be by your side.

  • The best thing that you can do in order to promote world peace is to go home and love your family.

This wonderful idea belongs to Mother Theresa, one of the most important peace figures. This simple statement teaches us that love is the most powerful feeling in the world and simply by sharing this feeling with our friends and family, we are making a better world.

  • In order to understand parental love, you must have children of your own.

Our ability to love is infinite yet the full potential of this ability is not reached until we have children. When we are holding a helpless child which was born from love, everything that we knew about ourselves changes and we see the world through the eyes of an innocent baby. Furthermore, when we have children, we discover a new purpose of life. We no longer just focus on having money and enjoying life. Our new purpose becomes making sure that our children are healthy, happy and safe. And if we do our job right, we will unwillingly contribute to making a batter future as our children will spread into the world the moral values that we helped them define.

  • Home is not a building or a destination. Home is what happens to a place when it is filled with friends and families.

This is one of those friends and family quotes which opens your eyes about the importance of being surrounded by loved ones. If you go to a place where you once lived, you will be overwhelmed by nostalgia. You won’t remember the furniture that you used to have or the expensive appliances. You will remember the wonderful moment that you shared with your friends and family. Furthermore, as long as you are alone, no place will ever feel like home. Being home means being surrounded by unconditional love.

  • We are born with a family and we make a lot of friends in our life. However, the most important people are the friends which become part of our family.

This is one of the wisest friends and family quotes. Although we care a lot about all our family members, we don’t always find the time to to be with them as often as we would like. Furthermore, even if we make the time, it can be quite tiresome to spend time with people with whom you share nothing but a bond of blood. However, the special friends with whom you hang with every day and who brighten your life are the most important people for you. The people who are worth the effort of seeing everyday, will eventually become a part of your family.

  • The best moments in life are when your family members become your friends and your friends become your family.

Although this may seem harsh to some people, in most cases, we are tied to our family members by obligation. However, there are certain moments when you get so close with your family that you feel comfortable enough to share everything with them. Furthermore, there are also moments when your friends become so important that you can’t help but think of them as family. If you have experienced both of these situations, you can consider yourself to be a very lucky person.