Funny Family Quotes

Posted on Jan 24, 2016 in Family Quotes, Featured

A family is one of the best gifts that we can receive from God. It is the perfect support system as well as an endless river of love. However, a family’s love and care can sometimes be overwhelming. Furthermore, it is not an easy job to manage to keep distinct personalities living under the same roof. At one point or another, all families deal with certain dramas, challenges and falling out periods. Still, in the end, a family will always be there for you. Let’s check out some funny family quotes in order to amuse ourselves with the blessings and the drama of a “normal” family.

  • Remember this: as far as anybody knows, we’re a nice and normal family!

This is one of the best funny family quotes. This quote is something that a mother would say. Being a mother is hard work whether you have a job or not. Furthermore, mothers are known to be very competitive when it comes to the level of normality of their families. It is a well known fact that mothers like to brag about their children when they get together. However, they never brag about the mischiefs that drive them crazy at home or the endless teenage dramas. All mothers claim to have perfect families and as long as nobody spills the secret, everything will be OK. Being a mother is harder than having a full time job and the only way you can manage to have a happy family is by laughing at the crazy times. After all, a happy family is a thousand times better than a perfect family.

  • Silence is golden, unless you have children, in which case silence is just suspicious.

Having children is the best way to fill your house with joy. They are always happy and they are never tired. However, in certain moments, parents just want to have a few moments of silence in order to relax. Still, if they ever get those moments of silence, they are far to paranoid to relax. They mostly dread the mischiefs that the children are probably planning.

  • Families are a lot like fudge. They are mostly sweet but they have a lot of nuts

You probably know by now, that a perfect family is a myth. In most homes, the family members drive each other crazy all the time. Sisters and brothers fight, parents are trying not to lose their minds and relatives ask annoying questions but in the end nobody could imagine a happy life without a family. Our families are part of our world, they are one of the most important factors that influenced our personality. We wouldn’t be the people we are today if it wasn’t for our families. Inscribe some funny family quotes in your wall decorations in order to sweated the crazy in your home.