How to Increase the Intimacy in Marriage

Posted on Oct 31, 2013 in Marriage

When people think about intimacy in marriage, they often associate it with a sexual connection. However, an intimate connection is not only attained in the bedroom. This concept is defined by the closeness that the partners share. It manifests itself on all the levels of marriage such as the emotional level, the spiritual level, the intellectual level and so on. Intimacy does not happen over night and once you get it, it does not last forever, unless it is nurtured. Intimacy can best be describes as a journey that married people take in order to know and understand each other. This journey allows them to keep their love alive.

  • How do you create an intimate connection

The only way to create intimacy is through honest communication. Try to have opened discussions with your partner. Start with small details like talking about your day. Try to squeeze as much information as possible and be very receptive to the information. The intimacy will evolve as you approach deeper subjects such as hopes, dreams and future plans. Talking about bad experiences can also help you create a trust connection. You may find it hard to believe but there are a lot of married couples which don’t share an intimate connection. Couples who don’t make time for each other who solely focus on the sexual nature of the relationship don’t know hot to create and nurture intimacy in marriage.

  • The benefits of intimacy

There are many benefits to an intimacy relation. For starters, you have the advantage of having a constant support system in the shape of a person whom you love and trust. An intimacy connection can also help you find some relief and a temporary escape from the daily problems. This connection can help you lower your stress levels and avoid future health problems. There are a lot of health issues that appear on account of stress. Intimacy comes with other benefits as well. It helps you understand the person whom you love. When you know someone, you no longer need to spend countless hours looking for wonderful Valentines gifts for her, as you know exactly what would make her happy. Moreover, you don’t rely on these wonderful Valentines gifts for her to show your love for your partner but only to highlight it in her eyes.

  • How to improve intimacy in marriage

As we mentioned above, intimacy is reflected in different parts of a marriage and in order to be truly happy you need to satisfy all aspects of intimacy. For example, emotional intimacy is obtained when the couples constantly show their love to one another. Financial intimacy is obtained when the couple focuses their financial situation towards a common goal such as buying a house together or simply sharing the monthly expenses. You don’t have to agree on all your beliefs and hopes but it is important to understand them. For example, religious intimacy means sharing your religious beliefs. This doesn’t mean that you have to adopt your partners beliefs but you need to respect his/her opinions and try to understand them. No matter where life takes you, if you try to be opened with each other and find pleasant ways of spending time together, your intimacy connection will come effortlessly.

A lot of intimacy problems come from the fact that men and women have different interests which they don’t always understand. For example, a woman will enjoy spending hours experimenting with summer nail designs while a man will enjoy a night at the sports bar with the guys. It is healthy for both partners to hang on to their single moments in order for them to appreciate the time that they do spend together. As a man, instead of complaining about your wife doing her summer nail designs instead of cooking, you can enjoy these spare moments in order to also spend some alone quality time. As long and the alone moments do not happen more often than the intimacy moments, you have nothing to worry about. A healthy relationship is built both on intimacy and a certain amount of independence.