Modern Family Quotes

Posted on Jan 6, 2017 in Family Quotes

Our modern society sometimes makes it very difficult for us to hold on to the fundamental values of a traditional family. As a result, if we want to be happy and surrounded by our loved ones we need to work towards building a modern family based on the same traditional values: unconditional love and support. Modern family is an American comedy series, featuring a less than ordinary family involving a May-December couple, a gay couple and a traditional couple. The series is a satire of the normal family problems which occur in any household. However, no matter what obstacles they encounter, the family manages to stay together and at times, they even have some very deep perspectives on life. Lets see, what were the most impressive Modern Family quotes.

  • In this world there are both dreamers and realists. The rational course of action would be for the dreamers to find the dreamers and the realists to find the other realists. However, the dreamers need the realists so that they don’t get to close to the sun and the realists need the dreamers in order to get of the ground from time to time.

This is one of the most beautiful Modern Family quotes. It is a deeper interpretation of the classical opposites attract quote. The most successful couples are not the ones when the two partners are equally optimistic and driven. On the contrary, people with opposites characters manage to model themselves in order to become better people. The dreamers need to sometimes be protected by the realists and the realists need the dreamers in order to bring some hope into their lives.

  • Making a child is the easiest part of being a parent. The things that come after making a child are a lot more difficult. Keeping your child safe, making sacrifices for your child and supporting him even when he fails are just a few of the hard parts of being a parent.

This quote tells us that being part of a family is not easy. It is a constant responsibility and it needs to be taken very seriously. People who think that making children is easy are immature and they don’t realize what they are committing to. To a child, a parent is not just a caregiver but also a friend and a role model. Despite the fact that parents make a lot of sacrifices, they do not need any rewards. The biggest reward of parenthood is knowing that you raised good children.