The Benefits of a Cool Mist Humidifier

Posted on Dec 4, 2013 in Health

The dry winter months can be very hard to bear, especially when you are also dealing with a nasty cold or the flu. Things are even more challenging when you have children as they do not complain about dry air discomforts and they don’t realize how they are affected by a low humidity environment. In order to make your home more comfortable and relieve cold or flu symptoms, you need to buy a cool mist humidifier. A lot of people view humidifiers as devices that can increase a home’s level of comfort, but they can be so much more than that. According to numerous articles on healthy living,¬† a humidifier is a great way to maintain your skin’s optimal level of hydration. A well¬† hydrated skin is stronger and thus less susceptible to any medical problems.

Why cool mist?

Humidifier models fall into one of two major categories: cool mist or warm mist humidifiers. The best cool mist humidifier is a lot more useful than a warm mist humidifier, especially if you have small children. For starters, devices which release a cool mist are not a hazard as they do not include a tank filled with hot water. Therefore, if you have small children and you are afraid that they might knock the humidifier over, you don’t have to worry about possible injuries. Furthermore, the mist released by the warm mist humidifiers can sometimes be too hot and it can cause burns if it comes directly in contact with the skin. Aside from the safety measure, a cool mist humidifier is also more refreshing than a warm mist humidifier.

Health benefits

If you like to inform yourself from articles on healthy living, you may already know that a humidifier has many health benefits. It relieves cold symptoms such as respiratory problems and scratchy throats. It is also very useful when dealing with dry skin or chapped lips. Some of the most modern devices even feature a filter which traps the water contaminants so you can safely use tap water without worrying about chlorine vapors. Some humidifiers, even have a medication dispenser which can be used with volatile treatments.

Home benefits

Dry air affects not only your health, but also your furniture, your wood window frames and your hardwood floors. It can cause cracks and loss of luster. A dry mist humidifier is a very simple way of protecting your wood decor elements.

Comfort benefits

A cool mist humidifier will make your home feel more comfortable. Furthermore, some of the latest cool mist humidifier models can even be used with certain types of volatile flagrance in order to make the air in your home more refreshing. If you do a little research on aromatherapy, you can even use flagrance according to your mood or your needs. For example, a certain flagrance can relax you, others can energize you and some types of flagrance can even relieve headaches.