Tips for Growing a Family Garden

Posted on Aug 7, 2015 in Health

Many people choose to grow their own family garden out of the desire to offer their loved ones natural and healthy products with a higher nutritional values than the ones bought from the market. If you too want to grow fruits and vegetables for your family, the following article will teach you which are the things you have to do to make sure the result is natural and healthy.

Choose to grow the garden on clean soil

When you grow a family garden, you most definitely want the products to be clean and safe for you and your family to eat, so make sure you don’t use any chemicals on the soil or on the plants. Plant the garden on a clean soil that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals during the past years to avoid any harmful toxins to reach the roots of the new plants.

Apply natural fertilizers on the soil

Natural gardening has many benefits on your health, so make sure the fruits and vegetables you grow are organic. Use eco-friendly fertilizers instead of those bought in stores because the natural fertilizers are safer to use. Make your own compost out of the remains of the food you eat by collecting in a container all the fruits and vegetable peelings, the grounded coffee beans, and any other leftovers. Mulch can boost the growth of your plants because if you place it around the roots it will keep them cool and sheltered from the sun. You can make organic mulch from leaves and straws to add valuable nutrients to the soil.

Treat the plants with organic pesticides

Avoid using pesticides and herbicides on the plants you grow in your family garden and use natural insect repellents like garlic, baking soda and lemon and kill the weeds with a mixture of salt and vinegar. Nature has its own ways of dealing with pests and many insects that grow in your garden kill some of the pests that affect your plants, so don’t try to kill every living insect.

Use led grow lights to encourage the plants to grow

If you plan to grow vegetables and gardens on large areas and throughout the entire year, the led grow light system will help you deliver beneficial light to your plants. These systems create a full spectrum of light similar to sunlight to boost the growth of the plants by delivering various types of light suitable for different stages of the growing process. The led grow lights are extremely efficient, especially during winter, and their light is safe to use on any type of plants without any risk of radiation.