Whole House Water Filter Systems

Posted on Feb 23, 2014 in Featured, Health

Making sure that you drink clean water is not enough if you want to avoid the consequences that water pollutants can have on your health. Water purity is very important when it comes to cooking, because there are certain contaminants that can resist even to the highest temperature. Furthermore, showering with unfiltered water can affect your skin, hair and eyes, and even your home appliances can be deteriorated by water with sediments. So, opting for bottled water doesn’t represent the best solution for ensuring a safe environment, because there are other ways that your body can assimilate water contaminants. Therefore, you need to invest some money in one of the best whole house water filter systems that will cover up every faucet that your home has.

Analyze your local water quality report

Getting you water quality report is not as complicated as it sounds, because all you have to do is visit the EPA’s website, or get it through your town hall. Reading your water report will help you determine what type of impurities your tap water contains, and that will allow you to buy one of the whole house water filter systems that can meet your needs. Most people don’t know that water purifiers have different capacities, as they were designed to eliminate different types of pollutants.

What to look for in a water filtration system?

The capacity to remove contaminants determines the overall performance of whole house water filter systems. The best units should be able to eliminate chlorine, mercury, lead, asbestos, bacteria and dangerous chemicals, but there are products that can also eliminate bad odors and provide a better tasting water. So, focus on finding a system that can offer you as many advantages as possible. The performance of a water purifier can be altered if the filters are not replaced when it is required, therefore you should consider buying a water filter that comes with filter-change indicators.

Search for a product that offers a satisfaction guarantee

Reliable water purifiers come with a warranty of one year or longer. Moreover, there are certain filtration systems that include a satisfaction warranty, which means that if you are not pleased with the results after a specified period, you can send the system back, and get a refund. This is proof that the manufacturers are very confident in their work, and that the water purifier that you will decide on will deliver the best operation.