Why Have Kids?

Posted on Apr 3, 2016 in Parenting

Reproduction is an important part of the circle of life and it is present all around us. We cannot deny the fact that having children is essential for mankind’s survival. Still, we do not have children because we are considering mankind’s future. We decide to have children because of our individual needs. There are countless reasons why people have children and most of them are quite irrational. Some people have children because they don’t want to end up alone and others do it because they think that that’s the next stage after getting married. Some people don’t want children because they are not financially ready or they still want to enjoy their youth. However, there is no right or wrong answer to the “why have kids?” question.

  • Is having children our purpose in life?

When we are little, we don’t really know the meaning of a philosophical inquiry yet the more rational we are, the more we start pondering on the meaning of life. What is the purpose of each individual in this world? We have already established that all creatures have a purpose in the circle of life. However, as rational beings, humans are not satisfied with living a meaningless life. We don’t just live to eat and procreate. We enjoy life and all the wonders that it gives us but as rational beings we want answers regarding our purpose in the world. If you’re wondering what this philosophical talk has to do with our” why have kids?” dilemma, the answer is very simple. Perhaps the purpose of each individual is to make the world a better place. It is as simple as that and the best way to do this is by nurturing the future generation. Build a better world and teaching our children to care and improve that world is teh greatest life purpose.

  • The sacrifices we make for children

A lot of people don’t want to have children because they are scared of the sacrifices that they will have to make. A baby requires a lot of time, effort and money . Prioritizing the needs of a baby before your own may seem like a huge sacrifice but you cannot understand it unless you actually do it. Because as hard as it is to care for a child, you do it because you want to not because you can’t turn back. A parent’s love for a child knows no boundaries and no sacrifice ever feels like a burden. If you are scared of loosing your individuality by having a child, you should ask yourself whether you are content with the person you are now because having a child will make you a far better person. Do you feel like you are the best person that you could be. Would you have any regrets if you died tomorrow.

  • Why bring children into this world?

Some people are so disappointed with the world they live in that they do not want to bring a child into it. So why have kids? Well, the real problem is that those people are scared. They are unhappy with this world yet all they plan to do is live their life in it, taking as little risks as possible. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to try to shape the world and make it better. Perhaps we will never have the chance to see a perfect world but if we try to make a difference and we teach our children to do the same, we will bring our individual contribution to a better world. Thus, we would be accomplishing our purpose in life of building a better world.

  • The inexplicable urge and the rational reasons

Our biological configuration inevitably drives us to want to have children at one point or another. However, the biological urge and the rational desire are two different things. In order to have a child we need to be responsible and emotionally mature. Still, some people who are both responsible and mature don’t want to have children. Well, that’s perfectly fine as long as that decision is not based on fear,selfishness or childhood traumas. People who grew up in nice families want to have children because they associate the idea of happiness with the concept of family. On the other hand, certain people who don’t want to have children may come from unhappy families and they do not want to recreate the same unhappy environments. Before having children, we must confront our own issues and deal with them so that they will not affect our family lives.